Brady Fineske doesn’t usually like to broadcast that he received his degree in education, which makes sense, considering he is the President of TFO Wealth Partners, and most advisers in his field have backgrounds in finance or economics.

However, upon further reflection, Brady admits that teaching might be his biggest strength, whether it be mentoring members of his team or advising families through their successes and struggles.

“I enjoy our colleagues, our work environment, and culture,” Brady said. “And what I enjoy most is having a seat at the table with a family going through a great time or going through a tough time, and being able to deliver peace of mind to them in that situation.”

Helping clients is truly Brady’s strength, and it’s what brought him to TFO Wealth Partners as a lead adviser from a more sales-oriented firm in 2011.

“Fortunately, we are on a great team that we trust. When you’re on the front end, you have to have people in the back believing and caring in what we’re doing,” Brady explained. “What’s most important is not selling [clients] a certain product or hitting a number, but it’s doing whatever it means to help them. That can be helping their kid find a good counselor, helping their son-in-law find a church – whatever it is, we want to help. We want to be their first call for a good, bad, or just a normal decision. … If we can be a part of their life, we can handle the financial part, but also so much more for their family.”

In addition to the opportunities to truly engage with clients and do what’s best for them, Brady has been grateful for the career and personal opportunities TFO Wealth Partners has provided him. Brady reflects that he never would have thought that at age 37, only three and a half years after joining TFO Wealth Partners, he would become president of the Investment Advisory company. Now in his 40’s, he continues to look for opportunities for growth with TFO Wealth Partners, and continuously appreciates the people who make his work so enjoyable.

When asked what he enjoys doing with his colleagues, Brady said, “I can’t think of anything I don’t enjoy doing with people at the office. We do team building activities once a month. We play tennis, golf, we have stuff we do together as couples. My best friends are the people that we work with, so doing stuff outside of work becomes natural.”

Brady Fineske
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