For a company that aims to help clients and families while continuously growing and innovating, Bruce Cartwright is an ideal team member. As a TFO Wealth Partners Family Wealth Strategist, Bruce combines his finance experience, drive for growth, and passion for working directly with families to help build their financial wealth and knowledge.

“Being able to combine finance with working with people and directly helping people, that’s what ultimately drew me,” Bruce says of his career at TFO Wealth Partners. 

Bruce’s path at TFO Wealth Partners has allowed him to experience all sides of the business. After completing an internship and graduating with a finance degree from Hillsdale College, he joined TFO Wealth Partners as a Compliance Associate. He then moved to the advisory side as a Wealth Associate. Now, as a Family Wealth Strategist, he can serve clients more directly.

Bruce appreciates the ability to build his knowledge and experience within the TFO Wealth Partners team. While some firms may give newcomers a lot of clients to handle alone, without a thorough training or guiding philosophy, that is not the case at TFO Wealth Partners. Learning from leadership has been a valuable opportunity for Bruce.

“Being at TFO Wealth Partners, you’re really supported by a team,” he says. “I learn from all of them, and learning all the aspects of the business, that’s priceless to me. You may not find these opportunities in many firms—to work alongside someone who’s been in the industry for 20, 30 years, that I get to talk with every day and see how they think, how they handle businesses. And these are very successful people who have had successful careers to learn from. I really enjoy that.”

Bruce points out that TFO Wealth Partners recognizes each team member’s unique contributions and how they are free to pursue new ideas, learn about them, and become unique experts.

“If you want to be relevant in this industry, you have to be more for your clients, you have to be changing,” Bruce says. As an example, he points to TFO Wealth Partners’ initiatives like RightTrak, which serves families by educating their next generation about finances.

When asked what he might tell someone considering joining TFO Wealth Partners, Bruce says, “TFO Wealth Partners is always looking forward: How do we improve? How do we grow? And being someone that’s ahead of the curve, that’s exciting. I don’t feel I need to worry, ‘Is TFO Wealth Partners going to be around tomorrow?’ There’s constant opportunity to raise your hand and help in many ways. And you’re really supported by your colleagues. I think it’s a great environment and I am thankful to be part of it.”

Bruce Cartwright
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