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Corporate Retirement Plan Services

TFO’s Retirement Plan Services division advises hundreds of institutions and thousands of plan participants on their retirement plans. Our experience and dedicated retirement plan resources provide distinctive solutions combining extensive capabilities and research with a high level of customized service.

Questions That Might Be On Your Mind

  • How can we reduce the business’ fiduciary liability?
  • How can we minimize the costs of our plan?
  • What value can an adviser provide to our plan as a whole?
  • What value can an adviser provide to the participants in our plan?

Our team stands ready to provide your investment committee with a personalized investment consulting relationship built around your needs.


We help you (the plan sponsor) and your employees by providing the guidance and fiduciary expertise necessary to provide a meaningful benefit. We also help free your employees from the burden of constructing and monitoring their own portfolio while developing a plan to get them to retirement.

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In today’s litigious society, plan sponsors are rightfully concerned about the liability inherent in offering a 401(k) plan. And the individuals responsible for those plans are increasingly aware of their own personal liability.

As an independent, fee-only adviser, we receive no compensation from the investments we select for your plan.

This objectivity allows us to put your best interest first and serve as a fiduciary to your plan.

ERISA provides that a plan sponsor can delegate the significant responsibility (and therefore significant liability) of the selection/monitoring/replacing functions to an ERISA 3(38) – defined “investment manager” who, upon delegation becomes an ERISA section 405(d)(1) defined “independent fiduciary.” Only a Registered Investment Adviser, a bank, or an insurance company qualify to accept appointment.

Are you confident you know all of the expenses of your current 401(k) plan?

The recent flurry of lawsuits alleging breaches of fiduciary duty have centered on the answer to that question. Unfortunately, due to the pervasive practices (revenue-sharing, 12b-1 fees, sub-transfer agency fees, etc.) of the retirement plan industry, many plan sponsors are not confident in their knowledge of the total expenses of their plans

Institutional investments also have significantly lower fees and turnover than comparable retail funds. And there are never any loads, 12b-1 fees or other unseemly sales charges associated with these funds.

These investment vehicles are used by some of the world’s largest corporations in the management of their retirement plans and may require a certain minimum asset level per fund.

Traditionally, 401(k) plan participants are provided an extensive line-up of investment options.

At TFO Wealth Partners, we go beyond suggestions and examples. We construct and manage an array of portfolios for each participant to choose from.

The participant needs only to select the single portfolio that best reflects their risk-tolerance and investment objective and our professional investment managers do the rest.

Our full-time dedicated retirement plan resources free employers from the burden of constructing and monitoring their own portfolio, and provides fiduciary protection to plan sponsors by delivering customized professional management of retirement assets.

Your TFO Wealth Partners adviser can provide advice and education to your plan participants.

In addition, a targeted communication campaign should be implemented to provide useful information by analyzing plan demographics, investment patterns and savings habits.

Campaign can be done via multiple channels including but not limited to mailings, emails, posters.

Messages most effectively delivered during an individual one-on-one meeting with your TFO Wealth Partners adviser.

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