For someone with a passion for helping others, healthcare may seem like the obvious career choice. That’s what Nikki Dillon had in mind as she pursued a Healthcare Administration major at the University of Toledo. When she took a temporary job at TFO Wealth Partners over Christmas break, she had no idea how it would change her career, without having to abandon that passion.

“I never assumed that this was my long-term career or my long-term goal,” Nikki says.

She stayed with TFO Wealth Partners on a part-time basis to work with Adele Sobieszczanski, then the Director of Practice Management. After college, Nikki found herself torn between a full-time job offer with TFO Wealth Partners and another in healthcare. She realized that the healthcare field was no longer a fit, but she still wanted a career that focused on helping people.

“I could see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears that TFO Wealth Partners really does strive to fulfill the mantra, ‘Helping families be families, stronger, closer, wiser,’” Nikki says. “I realized I might not be helping people with their physical health, but I can help them with their financial health.”

Nikki began working with Lindsay Franks, who was then TFO Wealth Partners’ one-person client operations team. Together, they built up the department into two distinct teams, with Nikki as Director of Client Experience Coordinators with a team of 11 and Lindsay as Director of Client Operations with a team of 8. Together, their service teams have received high ratings from Charles Schwab for their quality and commitment to client service.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian is a vivid example of this service in action. After the storm, Nikki and other TFO Wealth Partners team members took care to check in with their clients to make sure they were all right. One client had recently purchased a house in Florida and sustained significant damage in the hurricane. When this client felt overwhelmed with insurance coverage and cost estimates, she contacted Nikki.

“It wasn’t necessarily that she needed anything from me; she simply needed someone to talk to,” Nikki says. “It was fulfilling for our team to be able to give a good message, that with the planning she’s done here, she’s going to be okay.”

TFO Wealth Partners can provide high-quality service and care thanks to the company’s unique culture and leadership. This extends not only to clients, but to the team itself.

“Our leadership team is completely unmatched, because there’s personalized care that goes into their decisions and the attention that they give to their colleagues,” Nikki says. “What we see in our leadership here is that they’re constantly working to do right by us and by our clients. That’s how the team works for each other, too, because that’s the example we’re given.”

Nikki Dillon
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