Stephanie’s connection with TFO Wealth Partners started well before she joined the team. “Early in my career as an investment adviser, I reached out to Adele Sobieszczanski (Executive Vice President) and Chris Winters (Director of Retirement Plan Services) for mentoring and guidance.” As life changed and evolved for Stephanie, the opportunity presented itself for her to join the TFO Wealth Partners team on a more formal basis. With that, a partnership was formed!

“Things look much different from when I started working with TFO Wealth Partners, but the underlying values have remained the same and have only strengthened over time.” Stephanie joined TFO Wealth Partners as one of the very first remote colleagues. Given her situation living in North Carolina, working remotely was the only option at that time, however that did not affect her impact on our business or the relationships she built within the team and our clients.

“I was inspired to join the TFO Wealth Partners team because of the people – they are hardworking and dedicated to striving for the very best service and guidance for our clients.” These values of commitment to our clients and our team, doing the right thing, following through on your promises, and raising each other up have rang true throughout Stephanie’s experience with TFO Wealth Partners.

Since joining TFO Wealth Partners, Stephanie has enjoyed experiencing the evolution of TFO Wealth Partners – both in what it provides its clients and colleagues. Positions and career paths have been developed, the team has focused on enhancing both the colleague and client experience, leadership has expanded and continues to listen to the colleague needs, and colleague growth is continuing to evolve to include more partner opportunities. “TFO Wealth Partners hasn’t been afraid to try new strategies to improve opportunities for its colleagues and as strategies are tested, things are learned, improved, and adjusted.” According to Stephanie, leaderships’ willingness to think differently has been eye-opening for her as she has seen how it has allowed others to grow in their career.

There are no shortage of opportunities to raise your hand, deepen your impact on the business and our clients, and grow professionally. As TFO Wealth Partners has grown and continues to innovate, projects present themselves, and team members are welcome to participate. This can lead to further career development or even for a team member to become a subject matter expert. These opportunities have additionally led to new positions within the firm and new ways of conducting business.

Stephanie also takes great pride in making a difference in her clients’ lives. Often in meetings with clients, she hears between spouses, “if anything happens to me, just call Stephanie, she’ll take care of everything.” “That’s a great deal of trust our clients place in us and I don’t take that for granted,” says Stephanie. “I believe that our clients are comfortable saying this because we care and we will take care of them and do what is in their best interest always.”

Stephanie Smith-Tremoulis
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